09.07.2022 Paris #art

UNBREAKABLE : Lisa Boudet exhibits Ayane Yamamoto

She has the power to petrify any mortal who meets her eyes. Medusa is a zoomorphic creature with snakes intertwined in her hair. Condemned to monstrosity, murderer, avenger, she figures in the pantheon of – literally – fatal women who inhabit our narratives. In a first solo show, exhibited in Lisa Boudet’s gallery, Ayane Yamamoto takes the visitor into the daily life of these hybrids. The drawings of the young artist raise awareness to the loneliness of mental disorders, but also awaken the power of survival that lies dormant in each of us. On Saturday, during the opening, Ayane Yamamoto performed new drawings in the presence of guests, accompanied by a DJ set by Vugzy. The walls of the gallery, covered for the exhibition with aluminum blankets – symbols of protection and rescue – welcome visitors from July 9 to 14, at the Lisa Boudet gallery in Paris.

Photos : Thomas Smith

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