10.01.2015 Paris IIIe #art

The vernissages of Chapon Street

Last Saturday, six young gallery owners from rue Chapon met to open their respective exhibitions: Anouk le Bourdiec, Stefan Lebenson, Maia Muller, Jeanne Lépine, Anne Bourgeois and Virginie Louvet. A celebration of art in a quintet for this former landmark of textile and leather goods suppliers, nestled a stone’s throw from the venerable Centre Pompidou.

At Anouk Le Bourdiec – Galerie ALB – the French painter Yves Gobart presents until February 14 his second solo exhibition”Tout va disparaitre” with paintings that give pride of place to the elements of nature and engage a reflection on our condition in the face of the world and its limits.

Opposite, Stefan Lebenson – Lebenson Gallery – offers the latest postmodern-burlesque series by British artist Wilcat Will, which combines Belle Époque aesthetic collages with references to Renaissance callipygous nudes.
For her part, Maia Muller organises a winter show in her space called”ça sent le sapin” and brings together nine artists expressing themselves on the medium of painting, video installation or sculpture. A phantasmagorical universe that oscillates between opposites: light and darkness, nature and culture, man and animal.

Jeanne Lépine and Anne Bourgeois, from the Gallery of Roussan, freshly installed in rue Chapon, have for their part exhibited the young German artist graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris : Lukas Hoffman. Photographs that stage landscapes, elements of nature that have the particularity to play on the ambivalence of the surface. Beyond the simple representation imposed by the retina, the mind escapes and gives free rein to the imagination: a field of wilted leaves then approaches the sensual drape of a painted fabric.

Finally, Virginie Louvet has chosen to highlight in her eponymous gallery a series of five sculptures by the young Welsh artist Alan Goulbourne. Like explosions of matter, they seem to cross the surface of the wall and play on the contrasts provided by the geometry of the aluminium cuts. Baptized”Luminal relief”, his sculptures – exhibited for the first time in France -, enter into resonance and establish a poetic dialogue beyond form and sensitivity.

Photos: Virgile Guinard

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