13.01.2018 Galerie Templon #art

Pierre & Gilles capture the icons of an “imaginary time”

In the category of dream and imagination, the duo of photographers, Pierre & Gilles, have made the mixture between reality and surrealism their trademark. They presented this weekend their new exhibition at the Templon gallery. Entitled “Le temps imaginaire”, it is a series of portraits of anonymous people and well-known faces from the Parisian cultural and artistic landscape that can be seen on the large prints hanging on the white walls of the gallery. Portraits full of dreams and poetry, but always linked to background subjects that shape our society. Like “Love from Paris”, a luminous-melancholic portrait of a love trio played by Angèle Metzger, Lukas Ionesco and Nassim Guizani – also inseparable in life and leading figures of a hyper-creative youth – in front of a skyline from which the Eiffel Tower escapes. Although not very interested in the “culture of celebrity”, Pierre & Gilles have, since their beginnings in 1976, gathered around their art a large family of creative minds. Sometimes even over two generations! The presence of Eva and Lukas Ionesco or the mother-daughter duo Oda Jaune and Ida Immendorff, also in front of Pierre & Gilles’ lens, bears witness to this. Just like Jean Paul Gaultier, Rossy de Palma, Etienne Daho and to name but a few…

Photos: Julien Weber

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