28.03.2024 Paris #literature

Figaret’s “Passion du Style” Dinner Celebrates Philip Roth with David Foekinos

Having already celebrated Romain Gary, Albert Camus, Joseph Kessel, Jorge Luis Borges, Nicolas Bouvier and Bret Easton Ellis, Figaret’s latest “passion du style” dinner, presided by Eléonore Baudry, paid tribute to Philip Roth in the presence of the talented David Foenkinos.  A controversial author in his early days, Philip Roth became one of the biggest names of contemporary literature. His career started in 1959 and spans over half a century, publishing thirty-one books before announcing in 2012, two years after the publication of his last novel, that he would no longer write. Philip Roth joined the prestigious Pléiade collection in 2017 and was shortlisted several times for the Nobel Prize for Literature without ever receiving it. Writer and filmmaker David Foenkinos, passionate about Philip Roth, spoke not only about the subtlety of the American writer but also the profound singularity of his work. Gathered around him, we meet the captivated gazes of Rachel Khan, Vanessa Schneider, Agnès Touraine, Ariel Weil, Eric Laplantif, Olivier Delbosc, Marine Charles, Hugo Micheron, Léa Santamaria, François Perol, Laurent-David Samama, Marguerite Berard, and Laura Tenoudji.

Photos: Tomy Do

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