27.02.2024 Paris #fashion

Vaillant Soars Above the Parisian Rooftops

Perched overlooking the capital of fashion, the Restaurant Georges, a feat designed by architects Jacob and Mac Ferlane on the rooftop of the Centre Pompidou, hosted Vaillant’s Fashion Show one more time. 

Like a bird gently hovering over Parisian rooftops, the Vaillant silhouette makes her appearance on the catwalk, reinvented as a resolutely modern woman whose contours have grown in maturity. We find the designer’s signature lace, a timeless element in every woman’s wardrobe, which makes up nightgowns and bralettes. 

This season, however, Alice Vaillant reveals new sources of inspiration through silhouettes that play on structure and materials. Reminiscent of the spirit of the mid-70s New York, the looks exude freedom and frivolity, elegantly embracing the codes that make up the contemporary woman. Sexy by day and night, adorned in black or mermaid-blue sequins, she asserts her femininity with nonchalance and sensuality.

We didn’t fail to spot the sublime faux feather coats and dresses, enhanced by an interplay of transparencies and draped organza tops. A masterclass in intimacy, the show was a breath of fresh air, breaking with conventional codes.

The Fashion Show was attentively followed by Parisian it girls, including Suzi de Givenchy, Lena Mahfouf, Chloé Jouannet, Marie Gaguech, Camélia Bourbon, Marion Barbeau, Alexandra Guerin, Carla Ginola, Iman Perez, and Alice Pilate, to name but a few.

Text: Emma Grossi

Photos: Ayka Lux

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