27.02.2018 Rex Club #fashion

Shaun Ross, 070 Shake and Maeva Marshall at Koché After Party

After a show through which she revealed to the public her addiction to technology, Christelle Kocher invited her friends and family to the Rex Club to properly celebrate the success of her collection shown at the Casino de Paris a few hours earlier. She celebrated her partnership with the smartphone manufacturer Honor, co-host of the evening. Fashion and technology really mix, especially when you call hyper-connected (and hyper-trendy) artists like 070 Shake and Lauren Auder on stage: they have definitely proved to be the perfect remedy against droopy eyelids. In the streetwear atmosphere that sticks to Koché’s skin, we also saw faces that are you can’t hardly forget – like that of the extraordinary models Shaun Ross and Maeva Giani Marshall. Paris at night, that’s what it looks like – and we don’t complain. Photos: François Goize / Fanny Viguier

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