06.11.2015 58, rue de Bassano - Paris VIII #lifestyle

Rasputin celebrates its 50th anniversary

50 years. A beautiful age for this small Russian enclave which will have seen some illustrious personalities, from Gainsbourg to Marlène Dietrich, and more recently Madonna, Kanye West, Rihanna or Leonardo DiCaprio, pass on its armchairs. A high place of nocturnal worldliness, as Paris knows how to produce it parsimoniously and which, despite the years, has lost none of its superb.

Ghislain Evraert and Logan Maggio have been at the helm of this temple of a thousand faces for two years, working to perpetuate its reputation while giving it international direction. A gamble won, since the cabaret sees the holy grail of U.S. fashion and entertainment, fans of this timeless atmosphere sometimes nestled in alcoves, sometimes bubbling on the dance floor.

So who better to celebrate half a century than Dita von Teese? Nobody. So the busty stripper was on stage that night before the premiere turned into a whirlwind of glamour and vodka. Anniversary magazine.


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