08.02.2024 Paris #lifestyle

LVMH Unveils the Paris Olympic Medals at Place Vendôme

This wasn’t an easy task. Designing the universal symbol of victory is quite a challenge. It must represent the host city, embody the French identity as well as the values of the Olympics, and be astonishingly beautiful and unique, all while respecting the codes of an object that is to become part of the world’s heritage. To do so, LVMH has summoned Chaumet ateliers at 12 Place Vendôme, who have conceived the object as a highly special order. Nothing has been left to chance: the reflections of light, the varying qualities of the metals, the subtleties of the clasp, the weight when worn, and the final proportions. A major and original new feature is the presence of a piece of original iron from the Eiffel Tower placed in every medal, inscribing the very essence of Paris for eternity. This is yet another testament to the excellence of French savoir-faire and the talent and creativity of its artisans. During the celebratory evening organised by LVMH, athletes, members of the Paris 24 Committee and friends of the Maison gathered to congratulate Chaumet’s team for this extraordinary work. We had the pleasure of meeting Antoine Arnault, Charles Leung, Tony Estanguet, Estelle Mossely, Laury Thilleman, Constance Jablonski, Brahim Asloum, Miss France 2024, and Ophélie Meunier.

Photos: Jean Picon, Astrid Staes, and Tomy Do.


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