07.03.2015 Salle Wagram #fashion

Presentation Olympia Le-Tan F/W 2015/2016

Not surprisingly, on Saturday evening, we found all the social tree of Olympia Le-Tan in the front row of its much awaited presentation F/W 2015/2016. Nothing is too big for the queen of the literary minaudière, who has this season officiated under the metallic structure of the Wagram room by marching her army of ballerinas, Russian and debauched, less pin-up but still as naughty.

Let’s name-droppons together the tribes forming the front row of this Saturday in 7: the full OLT close guard, first, composed of Olivier Zahm (BFF), Vincent Darré, Elie Top, Jean Touitou, Lucien Pagès, Cédric Rivrain, Thomas Lenthal and Victoire de Castellane. The family then illustrates at all levels, with Pierre Le-Tan, Plum Le-Tan, Cléo Le-Tan and Alexis Le-Tan. The guarantor Conde Nast with Hamish Bowles and Suzy Menkes, the friends Louboutin, Sarah Andelman, Joséphine de la Baume, Elodie Bouchez, Miss Agnès and Loic Prigent, without forgetting the international touch with Solange Knowles, Laure Heriard Dubreuil and Hannah Bronfman.


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