29.02.2024 Paris #fashion

The Launch of the Very First Études x VEJA Collaboration

At the height of Paris Fashion Week, Études and VEJA unveiled the result of their very first collaboration. The French labels have teamed up to revisit VEJA’s hiking shoe, the Fitz Roy, by imbuing it with the Études touch. This Parisian brand, founded in 2012, nourishes itself from the creative scene to infuse its pieces with a contemporary and experimental flair. The blend of Études street style with VEJA’s trekking inspirations and know-how results in a shoe model that is both versatile and aesthetically pleasing. A big “É” appears on the side of this new Fitz Roy, standing for “Études” and becoming the counterpart of the emblematic “V” that adorns every VEJA sneaker.

During the launch evening, held at VEJA’s premises, 146 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, we ran into Lena Simonne, Maoui2saintdenis, Anouchka Gauthier, Lithemba Velleman, Adrien Truong and TerriblementM, to name but a few.

Photos : Astrid Staes


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