27.06.2023 Paris #art

World Premiere Renault Twingo by Sabine Marcelis at the Centre Pompidou

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Twingo, RENAULT has summoned contemporary artist Sabine Marcelis, appointed international designer of the year by Elle Deco, to reimagine this iconic model and unveil an artistic reinterpretation of the car, originally launched in 1993. The project is an artistic tribute to an emblematic vehicle that has revolutionised the lives of city dwellers. To create this work, the Dutch artist has turned to an element that she has proven to be a master of, light. As the light shone through the Twingo, its reflections spelt surprises for visitors and creative experts at the Centre Pompidou, which included Alexandre Giquello, President of Drouot, and Franck Millot, Director of Paris Design Week. Standing alongside Arnaud Belloni, RENAULT’s global chief marketing officer, we met Axel Huynh,  Crazybaby! Agency CEO & curator of this project for RENAULT,  as well as Pierre Gonalons, curator of the project, Hana Lhoumeau, Cisely Saldana, Ebony Obsidian, Jasmine Spezie, François Farion, Djo Bibalou, Inessa Raum, Matthias Schneider, léonie Alma Mason, Annelise Michelson and New York designer Awet Woldegebriel.

Photos: Astrid Staes

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