14.03.2018 Galerie Eva Hober #art

Peter Klasen in dialogue with Malevich, Mondrian and Schwitters at Eva Hober

Recently moved to her new home on Boulevard Haussmann, the Eva Hober Gallery presents today an exhibition dedicated to the pioneer of New Figuration, Peter Klasen. The German artist, whose crossover paintings (which combine photographic practice, collage and airbrushing) made his reputation from the 1960s, unveils a series of hybrid paintings in homage to the masters Malevitch, Mondrian and Schwitters. While he himself could easily be placed in this category of artists who have had a considerable impact on the history of art, Peter Klasen engages in a “Dialogue with the Masters” which gives its name to the exhibition. On the evening of the opening, the dialogue did not only take place on the canvases on the walls, but it continued through the presence of a younger generation of artists, embodied by Clément Cogitore, who is also represented by the gallery. Being a fervent collector of the artist, it was not surprising to meet Gérard Joulie and his son Christophe, whose name is an institution in the Parisian restaurant industry. Until next May 11.

Photos: Jean Picon

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