25.06.2024 Paris #art

The First Immersive Exhibition by Narcisse Magazine at Cor Studio Paris

This all started with a tragic myth: one day, Narcissus saw his reflection in the clear waters of a spring, and fell in love with his own image. Faced with this hopeless passion, he chose to commit suicide. Founded just 10 years ago by Azadeh Zoraghi and René Gloor, Narcisse has established itself as a magazine combining fashion, beauty, style and contemporary art, inspired by the Greek myth of Narcissus. The magazine, a beautiful object in art book format, evokes all aspects of beauty as seen through the prism of fashion, jewellery, design and artistic expression.

Here, the idea was to highlight a selection of visionary artists through innovative audiovisual works and captivating artistic installations. Curated by Azadeh Zoraghi and scripted by Steeven Kibler, artists Ben Fourmi, Kraaps, and Nik Gundersen presented their work.

During this interactive preview, which allowed us to go beyond the magazine’s pages and transcend reality, we met Ben Fourmi, Nik Gundersen, Azadeh Zoraghi, Steeven Kibler and many other guests.

Photos: Louis Liébert

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