02.03.2016 colette - Paris 1er #fashion

Opening of the exhibition “Infinity and Fashion” by Richard X Zawitz w/ J.W Anderson

Double happening at colette, last night: the exhibition by artist Richard X Zawitz entitled’Infinity and Fashion’, and the presentation of Charlotte Chesnais’ new collection.

Winner of the ANDAM Fashion Accessories Award, Charlotte Chesnais is making her way in the small world of jewellery, after having insured the DA of Balenciaga jewellery for almost 10 years, among other remarkable feats of arms. Today she unveils her first personal collection, minimalist and sculptural, where gold and silver blend in pure and resolutely portable creations.

At the gallery, we rediscover the work of the sculptor Richard X Zawitz, who exhibits for the first time in France a series of unpublished works. The inventor of these small construction toys in the shape of entanglements, sold over 100 million copies worldwide, collaborated with JW Anderson to create the Tangle bags for the latest collection.

Photos: Thomas Kelly


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