04.07.2018 Fondation Dosne-Thiers #beauty

One night in Jean Paul Gaultier’s “Scandal Discothèque”

Fondation Dosne-Thiers is used to being a rather quiet venue, but last night it turned into the chamber of all pleasures. This is thanks to Jean Paul Gaultier, who was celebrating the end of haute couture week with the launch of his new perfume Scandal by Night. After all, if there’s one designer who’s not afraid of scandal, it is Gaultier (do we still need to mention the skirts for men, the conical corsets or the campaigns’ barely dressed sailors?) In line with his Haute Couture collection shown earlier that day, creatures of the night blurring the lines between masculine and feminine welcomed the guests in the townhouse’s beautiful salons. Men wear stilettos and garter belts, women sport tuxedo jackets and fishnet stockings. You can’t help but feel like Tom Cruise in “Eyes Wide Shut” (it’s hard to do more scandalous than that). From pole dance to splits on a fireplace to sensual dances behind a tinted glass, the thermometer just keeps on blowing up. In this nocturnal adventure, the Scandal by Night bottle sits on a pyramid from where live legs come out. You’re quickly carried away to the dancefloor because Jodie Harsh’s is just too good (and it feels so good to be bad). Among the night birds you could bump into, there was Igor Dewe, Vincent Cassel, Christine & The Queens, Blanca Li, Rossy de Palma or Nabilla Benattia, all as scandalous as they’ll ever be.

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