16.10.2017 Le Baron #art

Numéro Art celebrates its launch with Camille Henrot

You have surely already seen it posted in the streets of Paris, the magazine Numéro Art has just launched Numéro Art, a new high-end special edition dedicated to the best on the French and international art scene. October is a good month: on the eve of FIAC, there are countless artistic events not to be missed. This was the case with the inauguration of the carte blanche entrusted to Camille Henrot at the Palais de Tokyo on Monday. Photographed in her studio by Miles Aldridge, the artist also made the cover of the very first Art Number. The perfect opportunity for the magazine’s team to celebrate this double event in the company of the artist who is known to be discreet. Gathered at the Baron around Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers, Babeth Djian and Thibaut Wychowanok (editor-in-chief of Numéro Art), the artist Tarik Kiswanson or Johann König from the König Gallery celebrated as it should be the first volume of what is predicted to be a success in newsstands. To be continued !

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