23.11.2023 Paris #fashion

Michael Kors Celebrates the Holiday Season

Rumour has it that Michael Kors is launching the new “it” accessory, the key Kendall bag. To introduce this new piece and celebrate the holiday season, Michael Kors hosted an intimate dinner at Lafayette’s, the Parisian address par excellence for a chic, gourmet evening. Friends of the Maison gathered at this confidential address, nestled in a courtyard on rue d’Anjou, to discover Mory Sacko’s culinary creations as well as those of Michael Kors, for the key Kendall bag was also on the menu. A magician and a tarot reader added a whimsical touch to the night, while Antonin Courant set the rhythm for the evening’s atmosphere with his DJ set. Among the lucky guests, we spotted Mara Lafontan, Anouchka Gauthier, Carla Ginola, Ginevra Mavilla, Angelina Frerk, Sofia Silvanas, Maxime Sokolinski, Koukla and Milla Lapidus…

Photos: Jean Picon

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