08.09.2021 Rupture House, Paris #art

Rupture House presents new exhibition by Matthieu Salvaing and Frédéric Imbert

At the invitation of Thomas Erber, Matthieu Salvaing just settled at Rupture House to present for the first time a more personal work initiated two years ago around African vernacular architecture. The exhibition is imagined as a dialogue, so it was quite natural that the artist invited the designer Frédéric Imbert to create connections with his own photographs of Ghana and Ethiopia. Two visions of the world come together to share the same desire to place the human being at the heart of creation, far from the standardized aesthetics of our contemporary societies. An interaction that testifies to the importance of a sensitive and human local environment, where the designer’s gesture as well as the photographer’s gaze invite us to question this need to make sense, to emphasize the rich difference of sharing. The exhibition invites the viewer to take part in this conversation between two continents, past and present, and between art and ancestral craftsmanship.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron

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