06.12.2023 Paris #lifestyle

Manko Celebrates Eight Years Honouring Peruvian Cuisine

Among the prestigious maisons making up the heart and history of the Parisian “triangle d’or”, lies a jewel of Peruvian flavours, the Manko. Named after the first Inca emperor in Cuzco, Manco Cápac, this Moma Group address embodies the essence of Peruvian cuisine since 2016. Half-restaurant, half-cabaret, the Manko transports its visitors to the very heart of Peru by awakening all their senses. Behind the kitchen stoves, Chef Melio pays tribute to his native land by sublimating the fundamentals of Peruvian cuisine, to be accompanied by a selection of equally delicious cocktails. 

To mark its 8th anniversary, Manko hosted a festive event this past Wednesday. The evening began with a cocktail reception, where the restaurant’s talented chefs delighted guests with their culinary delights. Musical performances and DJs rounded off the evening’s celebration of Peruvian heritage.

Photos: Cédric Canezza


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