09.03.2016 51 avenue d'Iéna #beauty

L’Oréal Paris Red Obsession evening

You won’t say you don’t know next season: L’Oréal Paris is now an official partner of Paris Fashion Week. Knowing that last night the group gathered all the most beautiful women on the planet (including 80% of homemade muses) to announce the good news in a mansion entirely covered in red, impossible to miss the information (especially as we deliver it here with clarity).

So #redobsession night had everything obsessive about it, down to the last detail. For the US sensation Anderson Paak’s live performance, which slipped with verve across the porous boundaries of rap, soul and funk. For Chris Brown, sent away with his close guard. For Bradley Cooper and François-Henri Pinault, who came in tandem to greet the establishment of L’Oréal Paris. For the Korean muse Soo Joo Park whose ratio beauty/efficiency-platinum explodes all the counters. For the most glamorous family reunions but also for Sara, Natasha, Lara, Sasha, Ana, Anna, Hana, and all that the Eastern Earth has given birth to most enviable. Review of a Red Alert that knocked out Malibu’s.

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