09.12.2016 Studio 57 Gallery #art

“Lights, Camera… Music!” for the Norman Seeff exhibition

For the second exhibition at the gallery, founded last July by Jean-Baptiste Pauchard and dedicated to a living practice associating the world of fashion and the arts, Norman Seeff, photographer, is dedicated to this space with the exhibition “Lights, Camera… Music!”, retracing the journey of the South African photographer. Whether it’s Steve Jobs, whose iconic cover of the Times, or the cover of Frank Zappa’s album, his clichés have become cultural references and his eye, a reference of American photography. A doctor by training, he moved to New York in the 1960s with the aim of changing professions and discovering the world of creation. His encounters with Andy Warhol’s artistic and avant-garde circles, from Andy Warhol to iconic graphic designer Bob Cato, open unexpected doors for him and push him to develop a very particular style, centred on the exploration of human creativity, giving these photographs a great authenticity and emotion. Between him and his subjects, a communication develops, giving rise to clichés that are both intimist and revealing.

Photos: Cédric Canezza

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