27.02.2024 Paris #fashion

“Les Epineuses” or Kevin Germanier’s Unapologetic Fashion Statement

In the land of Quiet Luxury, some may have choked on their cashmere overshirts. For once again, the Germanier woman made her entrance, flamboyant and spectacular, owning a suzerain gaze and a dazzling colour palette. A swell woman, introduced by La Grande Dame, who opened the show wearing a jumpsuit covered in pearls. The young Swiss fashion designer, who is deeply committed to contemporary causes, had to bring all her wit into play to create a collection that was as radiant as it was ecologically engaged. Once this thorn was removed, nothing was stopping him from earning his place on the fashion scene. Among the guests attending the show, held at the Théâtre Libre, we caught a glimpse of Christina Milian, Yvesmark Chery, Izzy Poopi, Emmanuelle Sits, Pascal K Douglas, Eva Gutowski, Lindsey Wixon, Raya Martigny, James Goldstein, and Miss Fame.

Photos: Jean Picon

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