02.12.2021 Lapérouse, Paris #lifestyle

Le Philtre and Nicolas Ouchenir partner up for No More Plastic

Created by Rosalie Mann, the No More Plastic Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness about plastic and micro plastic pollution and to find sustainable solutions for the preservation of our planet. Today, No More Plastic is partnering with Le Philtre vodka, an eco-responsible project by Frédéric Beigbeder, his brother Charles and their friend Guillaume Rappeneau. At Lapérouse, Le Philtre just unveiled their collaboration with Parisian calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir in aid of No More Plastic. The cause is important, and the message is carried out successfully as every Le Philtre bottle is made from recycled glass waste. For this project, Nicolas Ouchenir decided to pay tribute to the beauty of the waves on this Lapis-Lazuli bottle, transforming them into unique works of art featuring the inscription ‘Catch the love wave’. Issued in 300 numbered copies, this collaboration brings together the two strong commitments of No More Plastic and Le Philtre, which have the support of the many guests at their table this week, from Laury Thilleman to Agathe Mougin to Cecila Bönström.

Photos : Paul Blind

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