27.02.2024 Paris #luxury

The New Immersive Pop-Up Store by Harry Nuriev’s Crosby Studios for AVGVST.Berlin

In 2013, Natalia Bryantseva, artistic director of an advertising agency at the time, visited a jewellery workshop to try her hand at a new hobby. Two years later, in 2015, she opened her first showroom in Ekaterinburg and the “Natalia Bryantseva” jewellery label was born. Evolving into a full-fledged shop the following year, the brand changed its name to AVGVST.Berlin. To celebrate a collaboration designed and conceived in collaboration with Harry Nuriev, founder of Crosby Studios, an AVGVST.Berlin pop-up store has just been inaugurated under the Royal Palace’s arches. The project is articulated around the figure of a fountain, imagined as a repository of memories, preserved and now brought back to life. To see the jewels up close, you’ll have to get your hands in the water… 

Gathered around Natalia Bryantseva and Harry Nuriev, we saw Inès Melia, Jean-Pierre Blanc, Sarah Andelman, Gala Première, Luna Baba, Adèle Godet and Aurélien Grosjean (IC Insight Communications), Catherine Bonifassi, Alexandre Prat and Sofia Tilbury.

Photos: Michaël Huard

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