26.03.2024 Paris #art

Le 19M Gives Carte Blanche to Stéphane Ashpool

From 27 March to 16 June 2024, Stéphane Ashpool takes over la Galerie du 19M with “Figure Libre. Stéphane Ashpool”, part of the carte blanche programme offered by the institution. The French designer, who has been entrusted with the design of the athletes’ garments at the 2024 Olympic Games, unveils an exhibition blending art, film, music and photography, through the prism of fashion, with a special emphasis on sportswear. Structured around three modules, “Figure Libre. Stéphane Ashpool” invites us to discover the richness of the designer’s vision through his very first garments, but also new unseen pieces created for the exhibition in collaboration with the CHANEL Maisons d’Art ateliers, as well as an immersive video installation. Using movement as a guiding thread, Stéphane Ashpool unveils the multiple dimensions involved in the creation of sportswear, going far beyond mere technicality, thus elevating it to the status of art. 

During the opening evening, which featured live musical performances by Malvin Wix, Gael Rakotondrabe, Salomon Faye and Rebequita, we crossed paths with Stéphane Ashpool, Bruno Pavlovsky, Nathalie Dufour, Myriam Guizani, Larry Vickers, Kenny Dunkan and Anthony Alvarez.

Photos: Ayka Lux

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