01.02.2024 Marseille #fashion

Lacoste x Highsnobiety, an Elegant Streetwear Collaboration

Since its foundation in 1933 by legendary tennis player René Lacoste, the brand has established itself as the timeless symbol of casual elegance. Lacoste embodies a harmonious blend of sport and style, where athletic heritage meets contemporary aesthetics.

The magazine Highsnobiety, founded by David Fischer, is the benchmark for streetwear and popular culture lovers. This collaboration marks a bold new endeavour for Lacoste and Highsnobiety in the streetwear field. The L003 2K24 Highsnobiety line was first launched in Marseille at the coolest of shops, Jogging, and is the perfect synthesis of Lacoste’s athletic heritage and contemporary urban aesthetics.

The star of the collaboration, the L003 2K24, features a sleek, sophisticated silhouette that combines tennis codes with the very essence of French elegance. The theme “Shades of Tennis” has also inspired a complete clothing capsule with a refined style, including polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, joggers and other accessories.

A very intimate launch followed by dinner and dancing, where we met Olivier Amsellem, Nicolas Capron, Numa Gortan, William Geslin, Margaux Fritz, Gérald Passédat, Aurélien Ciller, Charlotte Brunet, and Odelia de Cock.

Photos: Jean Picon

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