24.01.2024 Genève #art

MAH Geneva’s Carte Blanche To Wim Delvoye

The Museum of Art and History in Geneva, also known as MAH, has given carte blanche to Wim Delvoye. It is within this program that the Belgian artist presented, on Wednesday 24th, his brand-new exhibition. Titled “L’ordre des choses”, the show offers us a unique artistic and aesthetic experience, as well as a profound exploration of our relationship to art and the objects that surround us. In line with the artistic approach of the visual artist, renowned for his desire to reformulate the discourse around art history, “L’ordre des choses” invites us to question the seemingly watertight boundaries that separate artworks from everyday objects. In an assertive yet playful spirit, Wim Delvoye confronts his creations with those from the museum’s collection, creating a dialogue, a play of contrasts, encouraging the viewer to take a fresh look at their surroundings. During the opening night, we met Marc-Olivier Wahler, Nathalie Obadia, Fabrice Bousteau, Marie-Aude Python…

Photos: Michaël Huard, Stefan Altenburger, and Smile&Shoot


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