25.01.2013 Le Baron #lifestyle

Jungle Ficus 2, silver

Gathering an old gang of wedding friends and reviving the Baron’s Roaring Twenties was Mr Moru, Alex Pan and Noemi Ferst’s design when they imagined the Jungle Ficus as part of the Friday of the Strange. A successful bet for the half-Kolkoz and the two turntable friends who, with this second opus, have diverted the most illuminated in the middle of a forest in pots – albinos. But to enter the sacrosanct to be predicted the future by the African fortune teller, to discover the dance floor of the closet (Le Privé), or to learn the tricks of Magik Julius, it was still necessary to show the physio Dos Santos, because of which some will have made the painful experience of the recalage by video-conference. Saywho was in the game, a disposable in one hand, a Baron in the other.

Photos: Say Who


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