13.01.2024 Via Ferrante Aporti #fashion

JordanLuca’s World of Reborn

The balloon takes centre stage in the narrative. Or rather, 1500 balloons, printed with photographs by artist Dominic Myatt, who created them to adorn a cement space in the centre of Milan. Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto start from here to narrate JordaLuca’s fall-winter 24. The balloon is a sign of joy, celebration, optimism and play, and yet, once it flies away into the sky or bursts, it leaves us with a feeling of nostalgia and pain. The party is over, now it’s time for everyone to go home. And so JordanLuca’s collection travels on distant tracks that meet along the way. Tailoring, then, is no longer soft and sweet, but raw, harsh and protective. In “Not Forever, But For Now”, Chuck Palahniuk, one of JordanLuca’s favourite novelists, writes: “Once the breakable things are broken, then everyone can relax”. We delve into a grieving process, a way of understanding and accepting the way we suffer, a personal, inner dialogue that extends to society: an invitation to strength, to hope. To be reborn. An all-singing soundtrack accompanies the looks that parade tightly. A mixture of styles and subcultures that mix, but at the same time have an intrinsic ability to remain unique and clear. As the giant party or rave came to an end, the notes of Mad World came on and it was on this that designer Andreas Kronthaler, partner of the great late Vivienne Westwood, paraded down the catwalk. Amongst 1500 balloons scattered around the venue, we spotted Rahi, Veronica Ferraro, Gabriele Esposito and many other celebrities who attended the show.

Text: Flavio Marcelli

Photos: Vincenzo Migliore

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