19.04.2016 22 rue Chapon - Paris IIIe #lifestyle

Inauguration of’Chambers of the Curious’ by Hendrick’s

Did you know that? Gin is an alcohol obtained from the distillation of juniper berries. One of its most famous quality representatives, Hendrick’s, invites you until April 30 to live an atypical and crazy experience in a private mansion on Chapon Street, entirely transformed into a curiosity cabinet by the Dcontract agency.

Unusual is the least we can say about this immersive (and cucumber-filled) experience serving the spirits of the UK. On every floor of the 18th century address, you will be welcomed by strange scientists and will drink your cocktail in a tea service in homage to Queen Victoria. Many other physical and mental surprises await you, so meet at 22 Chapon Street between 7pm and midnight. Whenever.



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