04.10.2017 Reims #lifestyle

In Reims, poetry and surrealism for Louis Roederer’s 241th birthday

While we generally limit ourselves to the most symbolic tens, the Louis Roederer house celebrated its 241st anniversary this week, inviting nearly one hundred and eighty personalities to join its reims table for an exceptional dinner. A “surreal dinner” even. For the most part, the guests (Marie-Agnès Gillot, Vincent Darré, Estelle Lefébure, Élodie Frégé) came from Paris by train for the occasion and spent one evening in the cellar of the house, transformed for the occasion into the theatre of a dinner show intended to make all those who enter it travel. Orchestrated by chef David Martin, the dinner took place in a succession of tableaux vivants inspired by the history of the house and crystal with a choreography by Charles Kaisin. The guests had the privilege of tasting the great Cristal vintages of Louis Roederer – while enjoying the dreamlike interludes provided by the actress Armelle. Like an already well-proven show, each dish was served with the help of a new scenography: boys successively in aprons and straw hats, on stilts, dressed in gleaming golden suits… A feast inspired by “241 years of freedom” and whose palpable poetry found itself as much on the plate as in the bubbles.

Photos: Paul Mouginot

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