12.04.2016 Hôtel Grand Amour #lifestyle

HTC 10 Launch Party

The 2016 technology hit a big hit last Tuesday night with a great and thunderous night of performance in honor of the launch of the all-new HTC smartphone, the HTC 10. A number that has never resonated so much within the walls of the Hotel Grand Amour, since the team of the Stable programmed in 10 of its rooms 10 performances and experiences with 10 artists, all 10 times more exciting than an evening in front of the TV. 10/10.

On the program, 100% street-cred deployed on all floors of the latest addition to the trendy hotel industry: between the mini dance-floors of Jean Nipon and Piu Piu, Ludovic Zuili’s photo studio, Michael Greenwold’s cooking workshop, the corner tatoo by The Crayoner or Guillaume le Donche’s very agitated Kaïraoké, the plethoric offer of this drunken night has left no one in torpor.

And for those who would not have had the strength to walk the floors, the ground floor hosted the Paradise dj set. Let the one who is bored there begin a psychoanalysis as soon as possible.

Photos: Paul Blind

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