26.09.2023 Paris #fashion

GANT and Harry Nuriev Celebrate the Blank Canvas Project

GANT teams up with Harry Nuriev to reimagine the iconic Varsity Jacket for the Blank Canvas Project.

Designer, artist, and even architect at times, Harry Nuriev epitomizes artistic versatility. His creative drive knows no boundaries and spreads across all fields, be that interior design or fashion. The founder of Crosby Studios is a champion of transformism and re-appropriation, he challenges conventional approaches and the notion of functionality through ingenious and visionary practices. For GANT, he has reimagined the Varsity Jacket by crafting a patchwork of new materials and prints that blend the digital realm and traditional know-how. Harry Nuriev builds new and unexpected bridges between eras, creating his own narrative. Proceeds from the sale of this piece will be donated to the Merci endowment fund, an association very dear to him.

To introduce his innovative vision, Harry Nuriev invited friends and journalists to discover his latest creation, a colossal sofa made of extraordinary denim patchwork, which is the result of immense and precious assembly work. The launch evening was also the occasion to discover culinary creations, as chef Guillaume Sanchez had prepared a dinner menu for the occasion. 

Photos: Cédric Canezza

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