08.02.2024 Paris #art

Exploring Yves Saint Laurent’s Transparencies

First unveiled last summer at the Cité de la dentelle et de la mode in Calais, the exhibition “Yves Saint Laurent: Transparences” moves on to the Musée Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. For this second instalment, the museum has invited curator Anne Dressen to come up with an itinerary divided into 5 sections, plunging us into the heart of Yves Saint Laurent’s creative universe. Using materials as a lens, the exhibition explores the designer’s work and his reflections on the dualities inherent in transparency from a textile approach. Emblematic pieces in organza, mousseline, lace and tulle illustrate Yves Saint Laurent’s mastery of couture, and his ability to play with the intrinsic qualities of each material to sublimate feminine silhouettes. Alongside the designer’s creations are works by Anne Bourse, Man Ray and Picabia, to be discovered from February 9th to August 25th. On the opening night, we caught a glimpse of Elsa Janssen, Director of the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris, with Anne Dressen, guest artistic advisor, Pauline Marchetti, exhibition scenographer, Laurent Le Bon, Catherine Baba, Martin Béthenod, Matthieu Poirier and many others!

Photos: Ayka Lux


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