05.03.2020 Ambassade du Kazakhstan en France, Paris #art

Dina Baitassova and Jérôme Sans present their book “Racing the galaxy”

From 4 July to 20 August 2019, Dina Baitassova and Jérôme Sans presented the exhibition “Racing the galaxy” as part of the second edition of the Astana Art Show (founded in 2018 by Dina Baitassova). This first international contemporary art exhibition in Kazakhstan showcased twenty artists from fifteen different countries with the aim of gradually dissolving the dichotomies between East and West, mixing cultures and enriching artistic practices from one continent to another in the era of globalized communication. Today, Dina Baitassova and Jérôme Sans presented their exhibition catalogue highlighting international artists and major figures of the Kazakh art scene, notably through interviews with the twenty artists on display. Offering a new perspective on the debates that engage Kazakh and international contemporary culture, “Racing the Galaxy” stands out as a reference work on this exhibition. It is an opportunity to show that “without denying its heritage, Kazakhstan is making giant steps towards the future”. Here’s a look back on the book signing soirée at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in France.

Photos: Valentin le Cron

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