20.02.2017 Drawing Hotel, 17 rue de Richelieu #art

Contemporary drawing is installed at the Drawing Hotel with the Drawing Lab

Catherine Phal and Carine Tissot have one objective: to promote and democratize contemporary drawing. The two women – mother and daughter – have just inaugurated the Drawing Lab, an art centre dedicated to experimentation around this often underestimated artistic practice. Housed in the Drawing Hotel, which also opens its doors in February, this vast space of 150m2 is above all a place of experimentation offering artists to free themselves from the constraints of the sheet.

A holiday resort in the heart of the capital, the Drawing Hotel will allow baroudeurs, art lovers and professionals to stop for a moment to discover the works in situ of this building designed by Jean Papahn, president of SOFERIM. Each floor was signed by the artists Keita Mori, Abdelkader Benchamma, Clément Bagot, Françoise Petrovich, Thomas Broome and the duo Leik and Sowat, who transformed every nook and cranny of the hotel into works of art.

During the inauguration, guests – including Anne Brengou from the Roussan gallery, exhibition curator Léa Bismuth, and architects Alexandra Bernaudin & Chiara Patrassi – were invited to visit the Drawing Lab as well as the floors of the hotel, its bar, its rooftop, then to discover Keita Mori’s “Strings” (curated by Gaël Charbeau), first exhibition of a rich program, which unveils huge wall drawings on the theme of migration. With, we allow ourselves, a cocktail signature Drawing Bar in our hands.

Drawing Hotel
17 rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris


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