11.04.2024 Paris #art

Christian Berst Art Brut Unveils Two New Exhibitions

Internationally recognized as a key player in the field of art brut, the Christian Berst Art Brut gallery presents two new exhibitions: “the words to say it” and “the seven lives of Ariane”. The former, the first exhibition of a new series, brings into dialogue the work of eight artists to explore the complex relationship between visual and textual pieces. Curated by Laurianne Melierre, founder of PLUME, the show explores the nature of the writer’s work as opposed to that of the visual artist, taking up an approach already initiated by the Surrealists. The gallery’s second space, The Bridge, hosts “the seven lives of Ariadne”, an exhibition that picks up the thread of this ancient myth. Featuring anonymous works, the exhibition stimulates visitors to inquire about the mystery surrounding this unknown artist, so-called Ariadne. At the opening, held on Thursday 11th, we met Sophie Calle, Marc Donnadieu, Frédéric Bugada, Dinah Louda-Rebeille, Laurent Goumarre, Sophie Fontanel, Nancy Huston, and Christoph Wiesner.

Photos : Michaël Huard

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