16.05.2024 Paris #art

Chaillot Expérience #8 – Rwanda Ejo

In Kinyarwanda, “Ejo” means “yesterday and tomorrow”. To remember a dark past to act on the present and create a better future is precisely what “Chaillot Expérience #8” is all about. Dubbed “Rwanda, Ejo”, the event is the result of a collaboration with Rwanda initiated in 2022. 

Aiming to capture the exceptional artistic vitality of a country that has experienced one of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century and has embarked on a national reconciliation process, several artists from different generations have been invited to participate. Many of them are multidisciplinary artists who have demonstrated the uniqueness of Rwandan creativity across a range of disciplines, encompassing dance, music, literature, film, visual arts and fashion. The programme featured Umuko, a choreography by associate artist Dorothée Munyaneza, and her solo Toi, Moi Tituba, as well as several workshops for children and families.

Those who are more curious, tune in on June 14th and 15th for the Chaillot Experience #9, “A vous marques, prêt, Chaillot!”, a prelude to the Olympic Games around the theme of Art and Sport, the final opus in a series of nine in the Chaillot-Théâtre national de la Danse season.

Photos : Michaël Huard

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