26.01.2024 Paris #art

Astrid Staes x Dieter Appelt, “L’Écho des Ruines”

Galerie des Minimes presents ‘L’Écho des Ruines’, an exhibition bringing into dialogue the work of two artists exploring similar themes and concerns, revealed through a series of analogue black-and-white photographs.

Astrid Staes, a young French photographer, and Dieter Appelt, a German multidisciplinary artist born in 1935, both explore ruins while questioning the body through their art. For Astrid Staes, ruins represent a space echoing her inner questions and personal wanderings. Similarly, for Dieter Appelt, ruins – or rather empty, abandoned spaces – seem to be a vehicle for his aesthetic explorations and resilience. Their respective works, which draw on a wide range of artistic influences, reveal a poetic dialogue around the relationship between absence and presence, emptiness and fullness. They become contemporary alchemists by transforming the invisible into the visible, casting a hopeful light on the desert of desolation.

This delicate, multilayered exhibition is on show until March 3rd. At the opening, we met Jean Picon, Mathieu César, Tess Barthelemy, Camille Witt, Gaëtan Viaris, Colette Renard, Ryoko Sekiguchi and many others.

Photos: Jean Picon

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