15.12.2018 Galerie Danysz #art

Galerie Danysz inaugurates “André x Futura: Chez Nous” exhibition

Fifteen years may be separating artists Futura and André, still the two artists have similar paths. Futura began working with graffiti in the New York subway in the 1970s. A contemporary of Basquiat and Haring, he is now considered one of the founding fathers of Street Art, which he particularly influenced with his more abstract approach. André, born in Sweden to Portuguese parents, made a name for himself in Paris in the mid-1980s for his unique style and his character, Monsieur A., which he’s used to drawing in the streets of every city he ever visited. With “André x Futura: Chez Nous”, the two artists meet for an exhibition at Danysz gallery. On the gallery walls, the artist’s alter egos merge onto a series of exclusive works. Inauguration on December 15, the exhibition has caught the interest of personalities such as Keziah Jones, Gildas Loaec, auctioneer Arnaud Oliveux, designer Alice Balas and artist Andy Picci.

Photos: Jean Picon

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