16.05.2024 Cannes #cinema

Megalopolis, the New Masterpiece by Coppola Causes a Sensation at Cannes

He is probably one of the biggest filmmakers ever. 85 year-old Francis Ford Coppola mortgaged cherished vineyards and estates to raise the more than $100 million needed for this movie. In a future that’s hard to date, two men clash in New York: Cesar, brought to the screen by Adam Driver, a genius urban architect who invented the megalon, an organic material, and Cicero, played by Giancarlo Esposito, a shady mayor in the pay of the mafia. Opinions may be divided, but the fact remains that the filmmaker has taken every risk to honor the 7th art to which he has contributed so much. In a spectacular and moving walk up the steps, we saw Adam Driver, Valentina Pahde, Eva Queen, Greta Gerwig, Luma Grothe and Emma Todt.

Photos: Justin Personnaz

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