09.03.2023 Paris #art

37.2 Exhibits Inès Dieleman’s Sublime Work on Flowers

Beware of appearances. While photographing flowers may seem trivial at first glance, Inès Dieleman’s unique approach to the medium reveals a completely different message. The photographer’s gaze beguiles the first degree. In her book Pavot, Dieleman takes us into a world of outdated Polaroids in silk and flesh-like tones: close-ups of petals, stamens and stems, a whirlwind of desire, sex and voluptuousness…To celebrate the exhibition opening and the launch of the book, Inès Dieleman and Nicolas Huet Greub invited friends and experts to the ephemeral gallery 37.2. Founded by Nicolas Huet Greub in 2016, the agency edits and produces the most demanding and cutting-edge photography of the contemporary scene. The exhibition of Inès Dieleman’s work runs until March 31 at Place Beauvau, 92 rue Saint Honoré in Paris. During the launch evening, we met personalities like Fabienne Verdier, Doan Ly, Garance Du Nord, Shelby Duncan, Roberto Badin, Arianne Dandois, Guido Mocafico, Ondine de Rothschild, Deborah Huet, Catherine Mahé, Ellie Pithers, Louis Edmée de Jacnot and Vincent Binant.

Photos: Astrid Staes

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