20.03.2018 170 boulevard Haussmann 75008 #fashion

Embarking on a journey with Levi’s Made & Crafted “Voodoo Surf” dinner

For those who are not familiar with “shibori” or “didgeridoo”, the dinner organized this week by Levi’s® France had the double utility of entertaining and educating. The first is a textile dyeing technique by folding. As the first source of inspiration for the spring-summer 2018 Levi’s® Made & Crafted collection, it is a technique at which the guests were able to try their hand before sitting down at the table where bonsai named after them (and written in both French and Japanese) were waiting to be collected. The second, the didgeridoo, is a wind instrument used by the Aborigines of Northern Australia. It ensured a musical atmosphere associated with the universe of the collection wittily named “Voodoo Surf”. A bit of Japan here, a bit of Australia there, it is in this mixed atmosphere that journalists and Parisian personalities like models Laura Bensadoun or Alice Moireau, musician Camille Jansen or photographer Adeline Mai met. For one night, Levi’s® guests put on their explorer’s cap – just like its iconic denim that keeps on reinventing itself.

Photos: Pierre Mouton

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