18.06.2024 Paris #design

Eva Jospin and Astier de Villatte Unveil New Collaboration in Paris

She’s one of the most sought-after artists on the contemporary art scene. On Tuesday evening, internationally renowned visual artist Eva Jospin presented her latest collaboration with ceramist Astier de Villatte. To illustrate the story behind their longstanding friendship, Eva Jospin brought out a portrait of her painted by Benoît Astier de Villatte’s father, Pierre Carron, when she was ten years old.

Thanks to this portrait, she first met Benoît, who gave her drawing lessons, and then Ivan Pericoli, with whom she spent two years at the Beaux-Arts, where they bonded over their shared influences and passion for Italy. Firstly unveiled last April in Milan, this new collaboration takes the form of three artworks, accompanied by a tableware service.

Called “Mini-mondes” (Mini-worlds), these unique pieces are inspired by Eva Jospin’s artistic universe. The three table centrepieces are impressive works of art and a rather crazy architectural gamble, as they are sculpted in cardboard and moulded in white ceramic. They’re also inspired by the spectacular table centrepieces of Antonin Carême, Talleyrand’s famous chef, which are made of nougats and meringues with almonds and honey.

The first one is like a fantastic grotto topped by colonnades that resemble a Greek temple, and by railings chiselled using the rockery technique. The second one is a harmonious and marvellous Greek temple with eight columns and a forecourt accessible by stairs. The third one has three levels and is a spectacular sculpture in the Baroque rockery style, with fanciful curves and motifs of vines, branches and rocks.

Reflecting the spirit of the French artist’s practice, the eight pieces making up the collection, soberly titled EVA, are adorned with a subtle interlacing of vines, lianas and branches.

At the Paris launch party, held on June 18th at the Astier de Villatte boutique on Rue de Tournon, we met Jose Levy, Diane Pernet, Countess Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, Andy Picci and many others. 

Photos: Astrid Staes

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