Emeric Tchatchoua


Cameroonian designer Emeric Tchatchoua grew up in Paris in the early 2000’s, where he discovered Japanese fashion through the internet. From there, his interest in fashion only grew into a passion for art and culture. In 2010, he entered the ESMM fashion school in Montréal and 3 years later, his own menswear brand called 3.Paradis was born, in which he blends pop art and streetwear with Japanese, African and French influences. Easily recognizable by its iconic swallow design (a tribute to Tchatchoua’s lost brother), the brand quickly gained international recognition in Londres, Toronto and Paris and won over many celebrities such as Lionel Messi, Angèle, Lewis Hamilton, Justin Bieber, Kylian Mbappé or Usher. Tchatchoua’s creations are constantly fueled by his personal dreams and ideals of freedom, hope and universalism, a vision that convinced the Andam Fashion Awards 2024 jury to award him the Special Prize.