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Marco Rambaldi

To us, without glossing over

“Kindness will save the world. This is our motto.”

“Us” as the centre of the story, as protagonists. For Marco Rambaldi, fashion means society, sharing and loving. With a different background from fashion, he founded his own brand in 2013. He shows constantly at Milan Fashion Week and for the Fall-Winter 22/23 collection he’s getting a huge stage. In fact, the fashion show, which is “another brick for gender equality”, was broadcasted live on @maisonvalentino’s Instagram profile. A brand with whom the young designer said he shares a set of values. This is where the liaison between Marco Rambaldi and Valentino begins. From shared vision, from people’s stories, from the community, from Us – without glossing over.

You studied Product Design in Rimini for a year. Then Fashion Design in Venice at IUAV and, in 2013, you founded your own brand. What led you to fashion?

I have always been attracted by what fashion represents both aesthetically and culturally, how the society is translated into clothes and trends, and how a certain type of social demand can be brought forward through collections.

You have your atelier in Bologna and you show your collections in Milan. How important are these two cities for you and the people who live there?

We live and work outside Bologna, away from the hustle and bustle. I must admit that, especially during the last years, this helped us to maintain a precise path. We are in Milan almost every week, and our community is split between these two cities. I always try to share moments of peace with people I care about. We arrived this morning here in Milan for the casting and now we are going back to Bologna.

Is it where you draw your inspirations? Who or what inspires you? Perhaps some stories, people from the past or from the present…

We have been pursuing our style for several seasons now. We tell the story of the evolution of the female figure and beyond. What we believe is important to promote. We promote a complete and free of boundaries way of living, breaking rules and taboos, without glossing over anything. People in our universe is the same we hang out with and who inspires us every single day.

credit : Anna Adamo © Marco Rambaldi

What is the first thing you do you when you create your new collection?

Everything starts with the moodboard, the colors, the yarns, the women who are in my mind. From there we try to focus on a particular emotion that we want to show. That’s where we begin.

Fashion could lead to change and it brings a message that goes beyond the garment. It can be political or social. What kind of message does your fashion send out?

An unprecedented equality, a gesture of love and acceptance. Kindness will save the world. This is our motto.

Fashion is not only about the look, but also about being. And we can tell this from your castings, which are so inclusive. Can you tell us who are these people you bring to the runways?

Every model has their own story, their style and that’s part of the message. They are unique individuals and they are special in their own differences.

Along with the casting that breaks down stereotypes, the use of doilies and words is always present. What does crochet and words represent for you?

Crochet is what we bring from the past, the traditional part we foster and preserve, while we unhinge everything else. Words and poetry have been part of our shows for several seasons now and they are means of communicating our message. “Culture” and knowledge make us free from patriarchy.

And your new collection Fall-Winter 2022/23, what is it about?

A new step in freeing ourselves from the shackles of social expectations. Another small brick to pave the gender equality path.

A very significant show. The house of Valentino and Italy’s Camera della Moda have partnered on a project that each season will allow a young guest designer to present his or her fashion collection on the Rome-based company’s Instagram platform. You are the first designer chosen for the initiative. What was your reaction when you received the request from Pierpaolo Piccioli? And how does it make you feel to be the first one?

It was a huge thrill, clearly unexpected. We are very proud of this achievement and to be noticed by a brand like Valentino. The kindness and warmth that Pierpaolo Piccioli conveys is evident. They fully embraced our aesthetic project for this season.

Did Pierpaolo Piccioli see the collection?

No, he did not. It will be a surprise!

Left : Anna Adamo © Marco Rambaldi / Right : Carmen Colombo © Marco Rambaldi

Clearly two different aesthetics, but they have a common ground in sharing a value system. What is this value system you share?

Inclusivity, sisterhood, a delicate and a shared set of values. This is what we have in common, even if we have different aesthetics, our ultimate goal is the same. To ensure that through ‘Art’, in general, we promote beauty and the joy of living, together with equality and respect for each other.

There are other similarities between your world and Valentino’s world?

The Made in Italy, through its aesthetics, promotes ideals that unite good-hearted people.

“The important thing is not to change”, Piccioli suggested you, but fashion is linked to the historical time where we live. Time changes, so fashion changes, so in which way can someone stay true to himself?

One of the few things we have learned these years is that we have to be sure of the choices we make, in terms of image and the message we want to spread out. That is probably the only way for spectators to understand what we are saying.

Did he give you any other advice for the future?

To be consistent with ourselves and to our commitment of not changing in order to fit into what social pressure is imposing on us.

Interview : Flavio Marcelli

Portraits : Ludovica Arcero

Images courtesy of Marco Rambaldi

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