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Via Piave 33

We are trying to give shape to what we would like to see

«The collection for autumn winter 2024 talks about us as human beings and the concept of time as luxury, in an increasingly accelerating world.»

The recent edition of Milano Moda Uomo saw the debut of a brand sporting a fresh approach, Via Piave 33, which presents itself as the ambassador of a lifestyle capable of bringing harmony and balance back to the contemporary world. At the presentation for the autumn winter 2024 collection, taking place at the Fondazione Sozzani, we had a chat with the designers, Alessandro Spaggiari and Elisa Bettella, co-founders of the brand together with Francesca Spaggiari. They let us into the world behind their project which, after its arty beginnings, today includes clothing, accessories, body care products and furniture. All the Via Piave 33 offerings have in common the search for a synthesis between tradition and technology, because the guys believe that “the only way to think about the future is to do things better in the present.


Can you define Via Piave 33 with just three words?

Via Piave 33 :

«Body, mind and spirit.»

Tell me about the origin of this project…

Via Piave 33 :

«This project was born as a desire to depict contemporaneity, contextualising it between elements from the past and visions for the future. It started in 2021 as an artistic project and it still sticks to an identity closely linked to the concept, to planning and to a defined aesthetics. Our first project was a cleansing kit from the digital world, consisting of a bar of organic soap, a cotton towel and a skincare water glass bottle. The kit was accompanied by a ritual made up of various steps, in order to reconnect with one’s inner self through simple gestures. Subsequently we approached clothing, studying and developing, with the same method, a collection of timeless garments, made with extreme care starting from the raw materials used.»

Your concept connects our ancient traditions with your generation’s sensitivity to certain themes. Is this the recipe for a better future?

Via Piave 33 :

«We live in times of great change, certainly sensitivity and ancient know-how are two great themes we face, together with a more human approach to technology. As a matter of fact, we believe that the only way to think about the future is to do things better in the present. We don’t have a real recipe obviously, but we are trying to give shape to what we would like to see and how we would like to live.»


Let’s talk about the newly presented collection. What are the highlights and news?

Via Piave 33 :

«The collection for autumn winter 2024 talks about us as human beings and the concept of time as luxury, in an increasingly accelerating world. Our garments are inspired by menswear and womenswear classics, but they are reimagined for a contemporary and gender adaptive wardrobe. The novelty is a knitwear capsule handmade with a very thick mohair wool thread. These are extremely visual and delicate pieces, carved in such a way as to have voids that allow a glimpse of what lies beneath, playing with the concepts of intimacy and protection. Furthermore, we have for the first time introduced a colour, green, obtained from mineral and leaf powders, thanks to an experimental natural dyeing process. This enriches the palette we usually work on, made up of whites, grays and blacks.»

You can count on a network of small suppliers and artisanal manufacturers, how did deal with this research?

Via Piave 33 :

«Our search for collaborators is constantly developing. Our work has an approach extremely linked to design and planning, so at first we realize what we want to communicate and how we want to express it, then we try to start dialogues with those who could accompany us and support us in the accomplishment of these ideas. During this phase, listening and comparing the experience and know-how of the different laboratories, professionals and artisans is fundamental. There are companies that have important knowledge of materials and processes, we try to enhance this knowledge by interpreting it in a contemporary way, also trying to educate the final user about quality artisanal products, a value that has been lost for too many years now.»

Which are the countries where your offer is best received?

Via Piave 33 :

«We have an extremely global vision regarding the way we communicate and create our products. We understood that the digital world has greatly changed culture and identity, especially among the new generations. We therefore strive to reach people with a certain kind of sensitivity, rather than a specific market. If we have to verify which countries we have had the most interest from, these are certainly the Asian ones, in particular Japan and South Korea, where they have a sensitivity very in line with our work and then certainly the European ones as well, particularly France and Italy.»

What are the next steps?

Via Piave 33 :

«We want to keep on developing our universe, finding and building our dimension. We would like to try to grow organically, continuing to work with people we admire and maintaining our values, creating quality and meaningful products. Our challenge is to change the way we live and consume things, whether it is a product or an image. Approaching the physical world through our installation for Milano Moda Uomo has been very stimulating, so we would like to look for ways to explore this area more, in order to connect with people in a real dimension, on top of our digital platforms. After all, our manifesto is Small steps / Long distance.»


Interview: Giuliano Deidda

Photos : Ludovica Arcero


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