20.11.2018 Galerie Pierre Passebon #art

Villa Noailles pays tribute to Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles

Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles have had quite a destiny. Known for being experienced aesthetes, the couple worked as patrons and art collectors, and they were used to be in the company of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Salvador Dalí, André Breton, Man Ray, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Cocteau are just a few of them. In 50 years time, the duo has acquired a collection as diverse as it is extensive, gathering works from the fields of cinema, literature and music. Today, Villa Noailles and Bernard Chauveau pay tribute to the out-of-the-ordinary couple by publishing a coffee table book retracing their various engagements. With texts by Alexandre Mare and Stéphane Boudin-Lestienne, the book was made with the support of CNL and Chanel based on an idea by Villa Noailles director Jean-Pierre Blanc. On November 20th, Villa Noailles and their partners celebrated the book release with a very special program throughout the day. At brunch time, the guests first got to discover an exhibition at Galerie Pierre Passebon, then participated in a series of talks at Maison Baccarat with readings by Amira Casar. Finally, all gathered at nightfall at Silencio for a program of concerts, performances and film screenings. This was a day dedicated to art and togetherness, just like a the couple who created a myth.

Photos: Jean Picon & Pierre Mouton


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