11.10.2014 Artstudio-k #art

Vernissage Thomas Lélu “Persuasion clandestine”

After the stable gallery, it’s Arstudio-k’s turn to welcome Thomas Lélu’s erotic hoods.

In his search for the destruction of stereotypes, the artist imagines a series of car hoods, printed with images of women taken from naughty magazines of the 70’s. Naughty, but not porn, because the is all subtlety: Taken in a context of sexual emancipation and struggle against its repressive devices, the femininity of these nude models confronts the male force underpinned by car parts. And, after all, isn’t eroticism a game in which the other person has to come out of hiding, to expose what he has under the hood?

To be checked before 26 October
32, rue du moulin Joly
75011 Paris

Photos: Astrid Jamois


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