17.03.2016 Palais de Tokyo #art

Vernissage of CharlieWood’s creation, by Charlie le Mindu

One year after the exhibition Le Bord des Mondes, creator and hairdresser Charlie Le Mindu returns to the Palais de Tokyo with Charliewood, a capillo-tracted and extraordinary creation that stages his whimsical imagination.

Music, dance, video and performance: Charlie le Mindu’s new”revue” is resolutely multidisciplinary, evolving at the heart of elements inspired by the cabaret universe. A new series of metaphorical capillary structures, which have made the reputation of this unclassifiable free electron, is discovered in a hallucinated staging. Navigating between Greek mythology, the fantastic bestiary or the deep sea, the hairstyle according to Charlie the Mindu becomes a recreation of oneself and lets imagine all the possibilities of transformations of the human body. To see absolutely before April 9, at the Palais de Tokyo.


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